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19th February 2017, Dundee Stars Ice Hockey match


Skill, strength, speed, the Stars, yes the Dundee Stars Ice Hockey team beat the Fife Flyers 4-2.


Oh what a night, six of us were thrilled with the atmosphere , a very fast competitive game, the crowd shrieking with good-willed support of their sides. Three periods of twenty minutes each, the puck moving so fast, the pop music blaring when play stops for a moment, barging and shoving, certainly not a gentleman's game, and as spectators we all felt exhausted with excitement, it is so fast-moving and fun. It is a real family outing, saw two babies no older than a few weeks with their older brothers and sisters, in fact a real sport being watched by four generations, and surprisingly not at all cold. Many of the players were  Canadian and Scandinavian, professional, students and others coming to the end of their Ice Hockey careers so not big-earners.


Now to understand the game... why after a few minutes the players replace each other, there are six a side on each time, what is and what isn’t a foul, so much to learn about, yes, it was a happy fun night out, and although we were warned we did not hear any bad language! Do join us next season and support our local team.


Vivien Scott

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Stars v Flyers

2nd March 2017, Visit to Mills Observatory


Clear skies enabled the Trustees, Burgesses and friends to observe the Moon and other planets with the 400mm reflector telescope at the Mills Observatory on Thursday 2 March 2017.  The Mills Observatory enjoys a magnificent woodland setting on the summit of Balgay Hill and was Britain’s first purpose-built public observatory.


Robert Law, Amateur Astronomer was our guide for the evening and began by showing us the planet Venus, which showed a phase just like the moon, as it is an inner planet and appears by reflected sunlight.


Robert adjusted the telescope to bring into view the planet Mars which is now over 40 million miles away, so the disc was very small, as its closest approach to Earth was in May 2016. We can only see Mars every two years.


Another adjustment meant we got a rare chance to see the outer planet Uranus which is currently near Mars. Close up views of the Moon, which was approaching first quarter phase, with the Sea of Crises and part of the Sea of Tranquillity were made visible.


Moon taken by phone through  telescope



We were delighted when Robert showed us the Pleiades, which are commonly known as the Seven Sisters in the Constellation of Taurus.  It was fascinating to be informed that we were looking at this Constellation as it was when Mary Queen of Scots was alive in that they are, on average, 430 light years from the Earth.


The air was crisp and chilly in the open viewing area and Robert decided it was an opportune moment to descend into the planetarium for a talk about the Universe.  He took us back to the beginning of time 13.8 billion years ago, moving through the galaxies to our own Milky Way, the Orion nebula, the Sun and  planets in our solar system.


The whole group were enthralled by Robert’s knowledge and ability to impart that to those present.


Joyce Devlin




10th April 2017 - Visit to Dundee Contemporary Arts


Many thanks to Burgess Charity Trustee Joyce Devlin for arranging a guided tour round the Print Studio Workshop, the Cinema Projection Room and Mark Wallinger Art Exhibition at the DCA. Ten Burgesses and one guest were welcomed by Jessica who opened our eyes into the cutting edge of print-making and courses offered. Ian, the cinema projectionist was very informative and clearly very enthusiastic about his role and next time I go to see a movie I will appreciate the skill involved. Alison, an art student took us round the Turner Prize Winner, 2007, Mark Wallinger Exhibition. His works, a deep explanation to himself, was well explained and gave us

insight into his mind and creativity. Lunch was much enjoyed and we all left proud of the fantastic facility on our doorstep and perhaps feel motivated to take up something new from the wide range of contemporary techniques offered.

Writing competition - March 2017


Dundee’s best young writers were honoured at a special ceremony on the 9th March with the top award going to Emily Baxter of Dundee High School. The annual Burgess competition was launched in 2013 and recognises talented young writers in S3.


Depute Lord Provost Christina Roberts said: “The standards were absolutely brilliant, they’re so high this year.”


Click on the links below to read the winning entries.

Writing comp 2017 Emily Baxter - 1st place Callie Hay - Runner up Jessica Mannion - Runner up Melissa McCafferty - Commended Carmen Thomson - Commended Lena Macaulay - Commended

Chinese Opera - Tuesday 8th August 2017


There was a great Burgess turnout for the Chinese Opera ‘In a Faraway Place’ which was held in the Caird Hall. This was organised by our fellow Burgess, The Chinese Consul General Pan Xinchun and the The Asian Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe as a free show designed to promote Culture and also to celebrate 45 years of Diplomatic Relationship between China and Britain. This educational experience was put on to play into our objectives as a Charity promoting civic pride and community spirit as well as the advancement of education.


This free concert gifted to the Burgesses and the City of Dundee as a whole was very much appreciated and enjoyed by all who attended. Our Chairman, Lord Provost Ian Borthwick laid on a Civic reception for the Consul General and VIP’s in the City Chambers.

Chinese opera Chinese opera 2

Shanghai Yangpu Children's Palace Student's Art Troupe Concert entitled Divine Melody from Fiddlers - Friday 11 August 2017


Joyce Devlin and Brian McLeod, on behalf of the Trustees, were very fortunate to be invited by Peter Kwok to attend the 45th Anniversary of China-UK Ambassadorial Diplomatic Relations and the 70th Anniversary of the Fringe Festival Asia Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe Opening Ceremony at the EICC.


With the combination of classic melody and innovative performing methodology, the concert demonstrated the charms of traditional Chinese music and dance with the spirits of the Chinese nation. The performance programme included traditional Chinese music like Jubilance, Three and Six and Legend of the Silk Road.  We were also treated to Chinese traditional dance Girls Doing Paper-cut and Classic Scottish Music played on traditional Chinese musical instruments.

Divine Melody of Fiddlers EICC

Visit to Dundee Ice Arena -

27 September 2017


Joyce Devlin organised a group of young people together with supervising adults from Grey Lodge Community Centre to attend an elite ice hockey game at Dundee Stars arena.


After the match the group were given a tour of the facility and the opportunity of meeting international ice hockey players who spoke to them about fitness, nutrition and the journey to become an international sports player.  A great time was had by all.


Visit to the Dundee Stars match - 28 October 2017


Joyce Devlin organised a group of youngsters from Boomerang Community Centre to attend an elite ice hockey match to see Dundee Stars vs Guildford.


As there was to be a Halloween Parade many of the youngsters took the opportunity to dress up as “guisers”  for the event.


All the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the visit and some of the feedback was as follows:

“It was great getting to meet the players”

“I had fun being out with the group”

“It was good fun singing to support the team”  

“The player who threw his stick down was funny”

“I really liked seeing everyone in fancy dress, the man dressed as Shrek was really funny”

“It would be really good if we could get to go again sometime”

Visit to the Dundee Stars match - 25 November 2017


Joyce Devlin, Trustee, organised for 16 individuals from BeFriends to attend the Dundee Stars vs Guildford elite ice hockey game on Saturday 25 November 2017.  


They very much enjoyed their outing as can be seen from

the lovely smiling faces in the photograph. Please read

below some of their quotes of the night which epitomises

the reason why the Burgess Charity wished to be involved

in this worthwhile project.


Ms Joyce Devlin stepped down from this duty at the AGM

on 15 November 2017 and the baton will be passed to Mr Peter Menzies. Joyce wishes to take this opportunity of thanking Elliot Shaw and the Dundee Stars management

for all their assistance in getting this project off the ground.

“I had a great time and

would love to do it again”

“I have never met the players before and it was a great experience”

“It was amazing even although the Stars got beat”

“I loved meeting the players,

I want to go to every match now”

“I've never been to ice hockey before but I really liked it and want to go again”



Dec ice hockey