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Anyone who wants to become a member, and therefore a Burgess, must live or work in the City of Dundee or have significant family or historical links with it; be involved in charitable works, businesses and the professions or community or civil life of the City.


All members will be required to declare that they will promote the interests of Dundee and its citizens; observe the principles of fairness, equality of opportunity and non-discrimination characteristic of those who have these interests at heart and deal justly with the citizens of Dundee and fellow Burgesses.


Individuals who enrol as Burgesses will show their support for Dundee, their pride in its people, past, present and in the future through supporting charitable and social activities in the City.


Applications will be considered by the trustees within sixty days of receipt and formal acceptance sent to the member with further details on becoming a Burgess. A Certificate will be issued in due course.


An application form can be downloaded here or requested from the Secretary, Laura McDowall via our contacts page.


The City of Dundee Burgess Charity (SC 042252)

30 & 34 Reform Street, Dundee, DD1 1RJ

Tel:  01382 229222

Email: secretary@dundeeburgess.org.uk

Application Form