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The City of Dundee Burgess Charity was launched in 2011 to promote civic pride in our City and allow the charity to be a vehicle for fund-raising and do good work for the community.


Individuals who enrol as Burgesses will show their support for Dundee, their pride in its people, past, present and in the future through supporting charitable and social activities in the City.


The City of Dundee Burgesses will hold public and member-only events throughout the year, with discussions and speakers: ensuring that the Organisation and its members play a part in the City’s future.


The Organisation will help to bring the City together and promote Dundee through Burgesses who are proud of the past and have pride in the future.


The City of Dundee Burgess Charity (SC 042252)

30 & 34 Reform Street, Dundee, DD1 1RJ

Tel:  01382 229222

Email: secretary@dundeeburgess.org.uk

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The founding trustees represent groups from across the City and bring a strong set of skills to the Organisation.


The trustees will work to ensure it is well placed to have a strong foundation, building its reputation as one which people will be proud to join, and which will encourage & support pride in living and working in Dundee.


Through the charitable awards, the trustees will ensure that the Organisation supports those within Dundee who are most in need, and will coordinate the efforts of the members of the Organisation who are proud to give back to the City.


Further details of the individuals and the groups that they represent can be found on the TRUSTEES page.

Information Leaflet:

Application form for funding:

An application form for funding can be downloaded here.